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Urban Rhino offers a fundraising program open to any school, club, PTO, church, sports team, group, or other qualifying organization. The process is simple! Complete the inquiry form below, and once approved, we will send you a custom code. You can share that code on your organization's website, in flyers, social media and through email, and encourage your audience to shop using the code. We'll even include a customized flyer for you to share!


Your organization will receive a payout between 10-30% of the sales generated from your group's code. The percent will depend on your organization type...for instance a school will receive 30%, whereas a group may receive 10-15%. 

And the best part of all? You don't have to take orders, collect money, or deliver products! It's as simple as sharing the code and promoting your fundraiser! The more you advertise, the more your organization can earn.

So what products are included in the fundraiser? Everything listed below could potentially earn your group money:

  • liv and viv Jewelry Collection

  • liv and viv Giving Chains

  • liv and viv Subscription Boxes

  • Urban Rhino Jewelry Making Subscription Boxes

  • Urban Rhino Photoshop Actions

  • Urban Rhino Photoshop Overlays

  • Urban Rhino Photoshop Brushes


Sounds super simple right? So what are you waiting for? Fill out the inquiry form below, and an Urban Rhino representative will be in touch ASAP!

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