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Microblading Review

A personal review of eyebrow micro blading process and healing.

Do you have a ‘treat yourself’ wish list? Micro blading has been on my list for probably three years. It finally became a priority that got on my schedule this spring. I am excited to share the process and results with you that I received from Heather at The Brow Room in North Vernon, IN.

Heather is very talented and professional. Her space is a trendy and welcoming upstairs unit at Rumors Salon. Instructions were sent at the time of booking for prepping your face for the procedure. Timelines were given to begin avoiding things such as facials, botox, retinol, tanning, and caffeine/alcohol consumption leading up to your appointment day.

Upon arrival, topical numbing was applied to my face and paperwork was completed. We reviewed the type of procedure I had chosen which was considered combination brows. Combo brows are a mix of color shading to create thickness and hair strokes to keep the look natural. Heather explained the process, which would start out with mapping out the perfect shaped brows for my face. She used markers like the corner of my eyes, nose, and location of my pupils to temporarily draw on the shape. My preference for thickness and desire for a natural look was taken into consideration. I was able to choose from multiple shades of ink available for the color of brow that would look best with my skin and hair.

Heather made me very comfortable when it came to reviewing her outline. She allowed me to study them, check them in different lighting, and make several adjustments no matter how small. I really appreciated how much time she took in this phase, ensuring I would get the absolute best results.

Once we were both happy with the layout of the brows, she applied more topical numbing and began the machine work of applying the cosmetic tattoo. Micro blading is considered a semi-permanent tattoo which lasts anywhere between 18-30 months, according to Heather provides a complimentary touch up after complete healing, which is around 6 weeks post initial application. Life of the brows can be extended by purchasing additional touch ups over the years as they begin to fade.

The process was mildly-moderately painful. I have a very low pain tolerance, but my rating would be around a 6/10 with 0 being no pain. Heather did apply numbing throughout the procedure as she rotated back and forth between brows. This helped to keep me comfortable. The whole application was done in about 45 minutes. After care was simple. Day one included dabbing the area to limit excess lymph fluid from accumulating. Instructions were given to use a gentle cleanser twice per day and moisturize with A&D for 10 days. Heather provided cups of cleanser, moisturizer, and a brow spoolie.

Things to expect during the timeline of healing:

Day 1: red, pink, swollen brows.

Day 2-4: Darkened color, treated area may scab. Coloring will heal 40-50% lighter.

Day 4-7: Treated area may feel dry, itchy, and hard. Scabs need to heal natural and fall off on their own to prevent pigment loss.

Day 6-10: Color may appear uneven and patchy. Be patient. Color will “bloom” back in 1-2 weeks. Schedule a touch up 4-9 weeks out for longevity of color.