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Simple Valentine’s Themed Kids’ Craft

Make a DIY centerpiece for Valentine’s Day with your kids

Every season comes with fun themes or holidays we can celebrate. My oldest daughter is about to turn four years old., and she really enjoys learning about seasons and holidays right now. We find any excuse to make crafts, shop for decorations, and celebrate something fun!

Of course, February is the month of love. We have a few things planned with friends and a little party at her school to look forward to this month. We are going to host a get together with a mom group I am in for “Galentine’s Day”. All of the moms and kids are coming over for brunch and a morning playdate to celebrate being gal-pals! How fun does that sound??

When we offered to have the party at our home I decided I would recruit my daughters to help me create some informal decorations. I went straight to TikTok for some inspiration. (I feel so hip saying that…a few years ago it would have been straight to Pinterest for ideas. Doing my best to stay with the times as I approach my 30th birthday this year! Ha!)

Anyway, I was happy to find some easy suggestions using dollar tree items and things I already had around the house. We used this activity to beat the afternoon slump on a day daddy was working late. All you need is a vase, sticks from the yard, felt hearts, and hot glue gun supplies. Let me lay out the simple steps below.





Step 1

First, send your kiddos out to gather up some sticks from the yard. My girls had a blast doing this and it helped us get in a little outside time for the day.

Step 2

Grab a vase you have around the house. If its glass or see through then stuff some white tissue paper in the bottom. Break the sticks to fit the height of your vase.

Step 3

Attach your hearts to the sticks with a dot of hot glue. My youngest (almost 2 year old) wasn’t able to help with the hot gluing part, but luckily these felt hearts from the local Dollar Tree had sticker like adhesive on the back. I peeled off the backing and let her be in charge of sticking some to the actual vase. My older daughter helped me place the hearts on the sticks with the hot glue gun.

Step 4

Finally, pick a spot in your home to display this masterpiece for the month of February!

That’s it!!

You can’t get much easier than that. We enjoyed this simple activity on February 1st to kick off the Valentine’s season. We also talked together about love, what it means, and how we can celebrate those we love year round. It was enjoyable for us all. I would love to see a picture if you try it!

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About the Content Creator:

Mackenzie is a loving wife and caring mother to her two young girls, Baylor and Marley. She was born and raised in Columbus, IN. She has a master’s degree in social work and served in the child welfare field before deciding to pause her career to become a stay at home mother.

Mackenzie enjoys memory making with her family. This might look like family walks, finding special events in the community, or planning get togethers with friends. Her family also spends a lot of time serving and contributing to their local church. Mackenzie’s goal in life is to raise good humans who know Jesus and show her family what a gift they are to her every single day.



Definitely want to do this craft next year!


Tonya Cruser
Tonya Cruser
Feb 12, 2023

This is so cute!! And so simple!

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