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The Pros & Cons of Flooring Types

Helpful tips for 5 flooring options

Everyone has different preferences for their flooring. Every type of flooring comes with their own personalized set of pros and cons. Through this article, you will see the differences between the different options and hopefully help find your dream flooring for the future!

From functionality to design, there are a wide variety of options for flooring. While they may play a large factor in the final decision, selecting the right flooring for your house doesn’t just have to do with looks.


We’ve all seen our share of carpet in our lives. Every house we’ve seen probably has some somewhere in the home. Carpet is extremely versatile and comes in a number of textures, colors, comfort levels, and type of comfort. It is entirely customizable in terms of comfort, based on your preferred padding underneath.


Carpet provides insulation for heat, warmth, and comfort to the room. In comparison to hardwood and tile, carpet is significantly cheaper. If taken proper care of, it can last a long period of time. It is also easy to install, if you’re wanting to do that! There are several different ways to install them: glue them or nails.


Dirt and fibers can easily get trapped in carpet, so it requires a lot of maintenance. Especially in the case of allergies, the allergens would remain in the air without a deep cleaning. They can also wear down easily in some cases.


Hardwood is probably the second most common type of flooring. If you’re looking for a modern look, this is definitely a way to go. It can give off a very different vibe depending on the color and size you choose for your pieces.


Hardwood adds richness and value to your home. It is relatively low maintenance and easy to clean. The color doesn’t fade and the age definitely doesn’t show. The pieces are long-lasting and strong.


Hardwood can be very high maintenance and can range to be very expensive. The wood can be very easily scratched and can be extremely prone to water damage depending on the type of wood. It also is not very durable if not kept properly.


A very good hardwood alternative, laminate offers a cheaper and durable material. Laminate provides a wide range of looks and designs. Consisting of four layers, it is a synthetic flooring product with a realistic wood look to it.


Laminate is relatively inexpensive for installation and purchasing purposes. It can be altered to look flawless and have an open design. It is very durable and quite resistant in the case of kids, pets, etc.


Water damage is probably the biggest issue for laminate flooring, because of the difficulty to repair it. If you know there will be lots of water spilled on your floor, laminate flooring is probably not the one for you. You risk the chance of having to replace your whole floor.


Vinyl offers a wide variety of looks within its categories. It can create a cheaper effect or a super rich effect based on the type of installation, cushioning, and thickness. For a nicer look, thicker vinyl with cushioning provides a really nice look and feel, and for installation purposes, planks. To serve its purpose, cheap peel and stick vinyl is a suitable option, however, if your wanting a richer look, you may want to explore different options.


Vinyl has a vast number of options to choose from and customize to your liking. If customized well, you can get a stunning, rich looking product for a relatively cheap price!


Vinyl does not provide the best sustainability or durability in comparison to the other options. The life of your flooring will also decrease noticeably due to its reactivity to substances and its minimal sustainability.


With it being very moisture resistant, it is super convenient and useful for bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture would probably be an issue. In terms of variety, ceramic definitely has a good number of options. Something to keep in mind when selecting your ceramic tile is the strength of each tile, because of the wide range of options for different purposes.


Ceramic can be very durable, which is always a good thing, and in terms of cleaning, it’s SUPER easy. Two important things checked off. It can also reflect many different vibes to match your preference.


Comfort-wise, ceramic is not the top option, because it is relatively hard to walk on. It may also require some maintenance in terms of sealing and cleaning any excess in between tiles.

Hopefully the brief description, pros, and cons of these five flooring options have helped you select the best option for you! If you have any additional questions, thoughts, or tips, feel free to drop a comment down below!

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1 Comment

Tonya Cruser
Tonya Cruser
Feb 09, 2023

Where was all this information when we added onto our house last year? So helpful, Ishita!

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