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Tips for Making an Organized and Neat Checklist

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Have you ever forgotten to turn in a homework assignment? Or have you ever forgotten that you had a homework assignment to do in the first place? Well, I know I have. However, I have figured out a way to help myself not forget about homework. Since using this method, I have not forgotten about any assignments. It is a very simple and easy way to remember work that you have to turn in! All you have to do is make a quick checklist.


I suggest making your checklist online like I do because it stays neater and more organized that way. If you write the checklist on paper, you might have to erase parts of it. After erasing a lot, the lead could smear and make it hard to see what you wrote. However, typing your checklist makes it super easy to make little changes or fix mistakes!

If you still want to go the paper and pencil route, you might check out the huge selection of planners available on both Etsy and Amazon. There is one for every style and price point.

Another suggestion that I have would be to make your checklist for only a day or two worth of assignments. This is so you don’t get confused about where you need to go to see what assignments you need to complete that day. Since my school does block scheduling, I make a new checklist every two days. I keep my sections of two days separated by heading each section with the month and days when the assignments are assigned. This works really well, and it allows me to go back and see when previous assignments were due.


For me, the easiest place to keep my checklist is on Google Docs. It is really easy to edit, and it has a lot of tools that can help you personalize your checklist if you want to. You can also make your checklist as long as you need it to be.

Google Docs also has a tool specifically for checklists that lets you cross out an assignment when you have finished it.

Overall, I think Google Docs is the easiest and most organized place to keep a checklist online.

The most important thing with making a checklist is having fun and making it your own! I believe making a checklist will benefit anyone no matter what the list is used for.

These were only my suggestions based on my experience. Your checklist should definitely be whatever you want it to be based on your specific needs/preferences. However, I hope this article gave you some ideas and inspiration on how to make your own checklist!

About the Content Creator:

RuthAnne attends Columbus North High School. There, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and being the secretary of the FCCLA club.

RuthAnne loves to be around kids, and she hopes to be a young elementary school teacher in the future. In her free time, she loves watching movies, making jewelry, writing poetry, and cuddling her cat, Oreo. Her goals for the distant future are to live in Spain and be a published author.


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Such a smart young lady! Great job, RuthAnne! ❤️


Wow! Way to go RuthAnne! Lots of good ideas!😀


Great post! Very informative and helpful!

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