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Photoshop Webinar: Editing Portraits - August 25th

Photoshop Webinar: Editing Portraits - August 25th

DATE: August 25th

TIME: 4:00pm

LENGTH: 30min

LEVEL: Intermediate

REQUIREMENTS: Participants should have a general working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. If you are new to Photoshop, it is recommended you take the Intro to Photoshop webinar prior to this one. (Photoshop is optional if you wish to try techniques during or after webinar)


Learn portrait editing techniques in this LIVE online webinar. As a participant, you'll be able to follow along as I edit photos and have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the process.


What's Included:

  • Participants will receive access to the live webinar as well as the recording of the tutorial for one year after the date of the webinar.
  • Participants will also receive Urban Rhino Photography images to practice editing, as well as the Urban Rhino Photoshop Actions Sample Pack.



What's Covered:

  • Making eyes pop
  • Smoothing skin
  • Clearing skin
  • Whitening teeth
  • Correcting hair
  • Spot Heal Brush
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Correcting skin tone


    When you sign up for one of the Urban Rhino Tutorials Webinars, you'll receive a confirmation email shortly after. This email will include a link to download any included Photoshop tools. As the webinar date approaches, you will receive another email from me with the images I will use for the webinar (that you can practice with after), as well as a webinar link. This will take you directly to the webinar where you will be able to access the webinar "room".

    During the webinar, there will be periods of time where I will mute the conversation so partipants will only hear my instruction. There will also be time allocated for Q&A among the participants.



    You must have Adobe Photoshop if you want to utilize the included Photoshop Actions, Brushes and/or Overlays (if included). The program is not required to participate in the webinar, however.


    Refund Policy:

    No refunds will be issued for this service unless the host cancels the event in the event of an emergency.

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