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Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

How to heal your scalp and strengthen your hair with ACV

Two areas I try to focus on caring for well are my face and my hair. If those two parts of me feel good then I tend to feel good too. I have struggled with dry and itchy scalp off and on for years. In the last year, I had visited the dermatologist multiple times to treat the issue. My counter was lined with prescription shampoos, foams, and drops for the spots on my scalp that would literally bleed due to dryness and irritation.

Then, I heard about apple cider vinegar rinses. ACV is created from fermented apples combined with live cultures, minerals, and acids. The benefits of hair treatments made using this product were said to heal the scalp, strengthen the hair, promote growth, and increase shine per Healthline. I decided it was worth a shot!

It has been about 6 months of using an at home mixture of ACV and water to do weekly rinses. There has been such significant improvement that I love sharing about it! I currently do not use any prescription treatments on my scalp. My dryness and dandruff stay completely healed unless I forget a few weeks of treatments in a row. When I noticed the build up starting to return, I add the treatment back into my routine to quickly restore the PH balance to my scalp.

My weekly routine includes keeping a mason jar in the shower that I use to get the mixture ready before the shower. I always follow the 1:4 ratio rule. Diluting is important! There are a few ways you can do the treatment in terms of order. Some people use the rinse as their only hair care on those days. I personally like to use my regular products with the rinse sandwiched in between. My preferred order is shampoo, ACV rinse, and finally condition. I do focus the ACV rinse on my scalp and try not to soak or saturate my ends with the mix. My hair stylist gave this advice to avoid any dryness on my ends. So far I have had no issues with that. Some people have asked about the strong smell of ACV. My experience has been that as long as you dilute and rinse well with plain water after your treatment there is no lingering smell.

I believe this rinse is solely responsible for my current scalp health! The strength and shine of my hair are just a bonus. Happy scalp means happy hair!

About the Content Creator:

Mackenzie is a loving wife and caring mother to her two young girls, Baylor and Marley. She was born and raised in Columbus, IN. She has a master’s degree in social work and served in the child welfare field before deciding to pause her career to become a stay at home mother.

Mackenzie enjoys memory making with her family. This might look like family walks, finding special events in the community, or planning get togethers with friends. Her family also spends a lot of time serving and contributing to their local church. Mackenzie’s goal in life is to raise good humans who know Jesus and show her family what a gift they are to her every single day.



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