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Best Family Travel Destinations

For International Travel

If you’re wanting to go on vacation with your family but don’t know where to go, you’ve come to the right place! This variety of locations includes city life, tropical life, and the icy, chilly life. We’ll go through some of the best locations for you, what they have to offer, and must-visit places.

Costa Rica

Whether you want to spend a day relaxing alongside a waterfall or go exploring in a rainforest, Costa Rica’s got it all! With January and February being the ideal vacation seasons, anytime between December and April would provide the best


San Jose and the Central Valley are the top must-visit destinations. From horseback riding, kayaking, water rafting, and waterfall rappelling, they have it all! For a less adventurous, more laid back day, they’ve got stunning sightseeing locations, beaches, waterfalls, and even mud pools if you’re feeling extra relaxed :)


Dubai doesn’t limit you to just beaches or deserts, their skyscrapers and attractions give so much more to offer! If you’ve got a couple days to spare, you could spend a day in the city, a day living the desert life, and a day in the beachy paradise.

Their off-season weather is the perfect ideal weather - warm with a hint of breeze. While you relax at your hotel, the kids can ride a camel, play in a waterpark, and visit the world’s tallest building.


Not only do they have delicious food, their cleanliness provides a wonderful experience. Singapore’s got a reputation for being the “Garden City” because of their well-placed use of greenery in architecture.

If you’re looking for a place to explore, rather than experience and partake in activities, Singapore is the place to go. Exploring safaris, zoos, bird parks, museums, and parks are a must in this tropical location. A night time cruise to see the skyline and all of the city lights reflecting on the water of the Indian Ocean would be the perfect peaceful environment you need to take a break from everything and relax with the calming breeze.


Sometimes, going to beaches that all seem relatively the same can get kind of boring. Why don’t you balance that out with a unique experience to the beautiful land of Iceland, where you definitely won’t have to worry about going to more beaches.

Iceland is all about its rugged landscapes and scenery. If you’re wanting to get pictures for Instagram, Blue Lagoon is where you wanna be. The 100 degree Fahrenheit hot springs will have everyone shocked when your location says “Iceland”. The relaxing water leaves an ethereal feel that you’ll never want to leave. With a number of waterfalls scattered throughout the country, Seljalandsfoss is the most beautiful waterfall to visit.

The best time of the year to visit this stunning country is between the months of September and March - perfect for a winter vacation. If you visit within this time frame, you can see the Northern Lights clearly all throughout the night. The greens and pinks can be seen all season long, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see hints of violet, red, yellow, and blue.


The 1,190 islands of the Maldives have a number of water adventures to offer. Scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and surfing. To combat the activities, they’ve got a number of ways to relax after a long day of fun at the spa, waterside dinner, or a cruise on the clear blue waters.

A must visit location is Vaadhoo Island. Known for its incredibly vibrant bioluminescent glow, a nighttime trip to the island would be an enchanting experience. If you enjoy water activities and beachside views, the Maldives are the place to go.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of where you want to go. From icy to steaming hot environments, these locations provide for everyone’s preference. Comment down below if you visit any of these places and your thoughts!

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