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Color Combinations for any Room

8 Color Schemes that will POP

Even with little decoration, having a designated color scheme for your room will give it a finished feel. Everyone has their own preferences and vibe, so here are 8 of the best color schemes with pictures to choose from!

1 - Gray & Brown

This balanced pairing is the ideal combination of your cooler tones. The rich brown with the deep gray gives the perfect warm homey feeling. This color scheme is super easy to fit any room, whether it's an office room or a family room, the versatile neutral colors allow for so much room for adjustment. There are so many ways for you to play around with the ratios of gray to brown to create either a professional look or a friendly look.

2 - Gray, White, & Yellow

For a lighter color scheme, gray with hints of yellow and white are a great option. The subtle colors are comforting and softer. The trick is to choose one of the colors as the main color and the other two as accent colors for the pillow, rug, accent chair, etc. In the sample image, gray is the main color, however, yellow and white could very well be the main color if you choose. The gray color is versatile as well, with either the darker gray or the lighter gray, which I personally prefer.

3 - Navy Blue & White

A classic pairing that is rich and the perfect combination of light and dark colors is navy and white. The crisp white with the deep luxurious navy blue will make any room seem airy and clean. The contrast of the two colors brings depth and gives a modern feel, along with a coastal vibe.

4 - Black & Red

If you’re wanting a bold area, black and red are a stunning combination. A high-gloss black with a high-gloss red gives a fierce and unique look, while a matt black paired with a matt red gives a mysterious look. For a bold, statement look, black and red will give elegance and richness.

5 - Blush Pink & Black

A soft contrasting pair is pink and black with accents of white or pink and white with accents of black. These colors will make your room feel calming and give it a comforting feel. The blush pink are refreshing, and the contrasting accents bring out the pink color as a subtle pop. This color combination is a perfect subtle color scheme that works in any setting. A suggestion if using this color scheme is to implement mirrors with a wooden or black border.

6 - Sage Green & Off-White

The aesthetic pairing leaves an inviting impression and a calm tone. The off-white rather than a brighter white is warmer and fits the theme. The hints of decorative accents of the dark green plants highlight and intensify the beauty of the greens. The brown of the base of the plant matches with the wooden items in the room, which match very well with the color scheme and the soft tone of the room. The dark green stands out in the room and brings out the colors even more. This is an incredible combination to implement in your room, and be sure to include greenery in the area.

7 - Forest Green & Light Gray

Speaking of the beauty of greens, if you are more into the darker shade of green, like that of the plants from the previous pairing, this combination may be the one for you. In my opinion, the best way to go about this is for the main color to be the light gray, but to have noticeable accents of the dark forest green. Using the forest green as the main color would come off as a bit too overwhelming. This picture perfectly complements this idea and shows the effect of such little green on the vibe of the room. The room seems fresh and welcoming for this very reason.

8 - Black & Gold

Ending with a richer look, black with hints of gold can make your room look rich with very little effort. Gold adds instant richness to the room and the deep black, complementing each other super well. Dark with bright and shiny are a combination that will never go wrong. If you’re wanting an elegant, luxurious look for a room, black and gold is the way to go.

Everyone has a different opinion when picking the color scheme for their rooms, depending on the functionalities, tones, and just overall preference. Hopefully you have found one of the eight color schemes that you like and want to use! If so, let us know in the comments down below, and if not, let us know if you want any more suggestions for color schemes that work!

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About the Content Creator:

Ishita is a sophomore in high school, with interest residing in travel, real estate, interior design, and entertainment. She lives in Columbus Indiana, with her parents, brother, and puppy. She loves to be around people and to go places for vacation! While she's home, she enjoys listening to music while doing work and watching television in her spare time. She also dedicates a large amount of time for school clubs, such as Environmental Club!



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