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Fill Up Those Empty Spaces in Your Home or Office

8 Ways to Make Up for Empty Spaces

The feeling when you set something up to match the perfect picture you had painted in your head, but it ends up looking like it's missing something is the worst. Here are a couple of things to try filling that space with to complete that picture in your mind!

1 - A Gallery/Collage

An aesthetic option is a wall gallery. You can include your favorite pictures of yourself, family, locations, or anything else. This is a super versatile option, because you can make the images black and white or choose super bright colors, and choose any size to your liking. There are also a wide variety of frames for your pictures. The arrangement of the images can also add to the overall look of the gallery. Setting them up straight, perfectly aligned, gives a clean look that is made to fit the size of the wall, while there are also galleries with some images being vertical and others horizontal to add depth and a different creative aspect, like the image above.

2 - Oversized Painting

Another art option would be an oversized painting to fill bigger spaces. These look best right above a bed, tv, or couch if it takes up the whole area, but if you have any other open wall space, this should cover it up perfectly as well. This will make the room look bigger as well - longer if horizontal and taller if vertical. Paintings are a really good option because of the wide variety of options to choose from. Finding one that matches the color scheme of your room will bring more to the room and make it grander.

3 - Plants

Greenery is something that matches any color scheme and adds a fresh liveliness to the room. The versatility allows for a variety of options to choose from. There are the regular tabletop plants, small little succulents, floor plants, and hanging plants, all of which come in different sizes. Adding plants into the room makes the room seem more fresh and a bit less concrete, making the room seem softer and more comfortable.

4 - Shelves

Adding wooden shelves onto the walls gives you an opportunity to place small decorative things or things of importance that may not fit anywhere else wherever you want. If you’d like, you could even make it like a focal point for just one thing, like awards from a sport if that is important to you. Shelves add depth to the room and are more 3-D than some of the other options. Shelves come in all sorts of shapes and colors as well to match the theme in your room.

5 - Floor Lamp

An operable piece of decor would be

a floor lamp. Getting a pretty one could serve as an added piece of decoration to spice up the room, but the functioning light would also be helpful and add more bright lighting to the room. The color of the light could be used to match the aesthetic of the room - a white light for a brighter look or a yellow light for a more dimmed down old look.

6 - Decorative Ladder

A newer eye-catching piece of furniture to add is a decorative ladder. Some of them can be used as a shelf, and you can just place things on them, or on others, you can wrap leaves or such around them to decorate them. These come in different colors as well, so you could do white or black in a more modern style home or wooden for a rustic, farmhouse feel.

7 - Holiday Decor

A foolproof idea is decorating your house with holiday decor. Changing it up for every holiday will make your house seem festive and be a good change. For Christmas, your tree, stockings, and lights can fill up a large amount of space, while for Valentine’s Day, you could set up a garland, or leave little hearts around. Not only will this be a cool change for you, but your guests will definitely notice and appreciate your hard work!

8 - Anything you want!

These are all great options, but they may not fit exactly what you’re wanting. Most of these are decorative, smaller items, however, you can customize your room however you want. If it's a bedroom you’re customizing, you could try a full-body length mirror with gold accents to add perspective to the room. In a living room or even a bedroom, you could add a rug with a little accent chair, or a table with a rug and some decorative pieces.

All of these are personal preferences that must fit in your designated space. If you have any questions as to how to fill up some of your empty spaces, feel free to leave a picture of your space in a comment down below! Have fun and good luck on your remodeling endeavors!

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About the Content Creator:

Ishita is a sophomore in high school, with interest residing in travel, real estate, interior design, and entertainment. She lives in Columbus Indiana, with her parents, brother, and puppy. She loves to be around people and to go places for vacation! While she's home, she enjoys listening to music while doing work and watching television in her spare time. She also dedicates a large amount of time for school clubs, such as Environmental Club!



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