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How to Make a Modern Lampshade in 30 Minutes

A Simple Step-by-Step Tutorial

Another one of my most favorite things to do is decorate our house. I'm terrible about redecorating over and over, just because I have a new idea. So along with that comes finding and purchasing the perfect decor. I've always made it a point to reuse as much as I can, but I also like to make pieces as well. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make this really easy and super modern lamp, as shown above. Here are the three steps to make your own:


Lamp with lampshade

Paper straws

Spray paint

Hot glue gun


You'll begin by placing the straws in a well ventilated area that you feel safe using spray paint. In my classroom, I have a spray paint booth, but you could just use some scrap cardboard outside. Paint the straws, making sure to get as much as you can. It's not necessary to get the face down side as that will be glued to the lampshade and touched up at the end.

As for the actual straws, you could use plastic, however they are likely to chip whereas the paper straws will not.


Once the straws are dry, you'll begin gluing them to the lampshade. To do this, place 2-3 lines of hot glue on the shade. Begin placing on the straws right next to each other, but staggering the height of them. Be sure the both ends cover the entire shade, but you can move each one up or down to give it that staggered affect.

Be sure to take note of the shape of your lampshade. If it is not a perfect cylinder, you may have to adjust your position of the straws as you glue them down. For instance the lampshade I used was a little bigger around the bottom, so I made sure to leave a small gap between the bottom of the straws as I glued them down to make up for the difference.

Continue this step all the way around the lampshade until it is completely covered.


When you finish gluing the straws, you'll want to make one final pass of spray paint. This will fill in any gaps between the straws, and will also get any of the backs of the straws that may be exposed.

Once the paint dries, just pop the shade back on the lamp and that's it! I must say I love how this project turned out! Thinking of making one for your home? I'd love to hear how these projects go for you!

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1 Comment

This is actually really cool! I could totally get a thrift store lamp and do this!

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