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How to Make Themed Storage Jars in 2 Simple Steps

An Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

I don't know about you, but my girls have a LOT of hair accessories and jewelry...they may take after their mom! In an effort to organize those items a bit, I made these adorable woodland animal themed storage jars to use. Here are the super easy steps to make your own set:


Clear glass jars



Begin by deciding which figurine you want on which jar. You can totally use recycled jars, I just wanted mine to be all the same, so I purchased these from Hobby Lobby.

Once you decide your layout, remove the lids and use the E6000 glue to attach the figurines to the lid. Be careful not to use too much glue or it will squish out when you press the figure onto the lid, leaving you with a visible bubble of glue.

Repeat this for all of the lids and figurines.


Next, place the lids in a well ventilated area that you feel safe using spray paint. In my classroom, I actually have a spray paint booth, but you could just use some scrap cardboard outside. Paint each lid, making sure to rotate the lids to get an even coat on all parts, include under the figurines.

Once the lids dry, fill the jars with the items you desire and pop the lids back on...that's it! This project took about an hour total to complete with dry time and was incredibly easy. These could be customized for any room with different characters, drawer knobs, etc.! Going to try this one out yourself? I'd love to hear how these projects go for you!

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1 comment

1 Comment

Victoria Fricke
Victoria Fricke
Dec 09, 2020

Genius. Simply genius. I wonder what this would cost in a boutique done for you!

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