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How to Pick the Perfect Couch

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Couch

Something that near all living rooms (and rooms in general) have in common is a couch somewhere in the room. Choosing the right couch that matches the room can be difficult. Here are 6 things to consider when selecting the perfect couch for you.

1- Size

The number one tip that goes for any couch is the size. Measure your space, and then measure it again to make sure that you have the exact size that you want your couch to fit in. Having a couch that is too small won’t look sufficient, while having one that is too big will look like too much. Decide the space you want the couch to cover in the room so that you can purchase a couch that will fit accordingly to the space you want it to cover. Measuring accurately is important, because the one thing you can’t do is test a bunch of different sizes of the couch in the room to see which one you think fits best- you need to have the measurements in numbers. Another component that you don’t need to decide on, but can be helpful to check is the height you are wanting for your couch. Some couches come closer to the ground, while some are higher up, and this can be difficult to picture in your room beforehand when you see it either online or in a studio.

2- Shape/Orientation

Having a general layout of the room planned beforehand will make the process easier as well. The orientation of the couches varies from room to room. There are a couple of different options. You could have an L shaped couch, like the ones pictured above. These make the home look comfy, but can make the room seem closed off in some spaces. Another option is a variety of separate couches. You could have a layout with three individual couches of different sizes, or one larger couch with two of the same smaller loveseat couches. Another option that more people have begun looking into is one or two longer couches with one or two accent chairs in the place of one couch. The accent chairs can complete the room, by making them one of the accent colors in the room to make them pop, as shown in the picture. Ultimately, the option is up to you, based on your room, to choose between an L shape couch, two to three individual couches, two couches with accent chairs, or any other personalized combinations that you like.

3 - Color

At most stores, the color of the couch you choose can be personalized with whatever you choose. Based on the color scheme of your room, you can choose the colors you like. My best suggestion would be to stick to a base color, and have accent pillows, chairs, and/or rugs in the contrasting color. Personally, an ideal combination would be a strong color with a lighter color. For example, you could choose a white couch with a navy blue rug and pillows. The same goes for a green couch with white pillows and accent chairs. The options are endless. If you’re struggling to find a color scheme you like, check out my post, Color Combinations for any Room. Sticking to one color scheme throughout the room will make the room seem grander.

4 - Fabric

Keeping an open mind when choosing a couch is always a good idea, so going into it, it’s good to at least have an idea of if you want a cotton, fabric couch or a leather type of couch. It’s good to consider your maintenance of the couch and the use. Fabric couches tend to give a comfortable and family room setting, while leather couches give more professional, office setting or a theather, gaming, or more recreational feel. Leather chairs are also more open to reclining, if reclining chairs are what you want - another option to think about. Both fabric and leather couches can give off a richer feel if implemented properly. Deciding the kind of vibe you want the room to feel like is helpful in choosing between the two.

5 - Cushion

Comfort is something that some people value more than others. For those who won’t actually be using the couch, the cheapest option is the best option, whereas, for those who will be using the couch frequently, the most comfortable option is the best option. The prices of each cushion vary as well, so it is good to decide in advance how much you value the comfort and to think about when considering purchasing a couch because of the possibility of an additional charge for upgraded cushions. Make sure to try out all the types of cushions beforehand to find your favorite.

6 - Lifestyle

Finally, one of the most important things that a lot of people forget to consider is their own personal lifestyle. If you tend to be a messier person, it’s probably not the best idea to purchase a white couch, that could get stained easily. If you have an animal that may scratch things up, you may want to consider an option that will hide the scratches over one that will highlight them. If you like to lay back when you sit, a reclining chair may be the best option. Find not only a couch that matches the space and looks well there, but one that fits your personality and like something someone would expect to find in your home, not in a model house.

Hopefully, selecting your preferences based on these six categories will help you as you work to find the perfect couch for you!

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