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The Best Place to Print Your Photos

Get the Best Quality for Your Money

*UPDATE: Make sure you check out our updated 2021 printing post HERE!

You've shelled out a good chunk of money for professional pictures, now you are ready to print the photos. But where is the best place to order from? Don't worry, in the following post, you'll see exactly where you should and should NOT print your pictures.

In this experiment, I took the same photo and printed it at 8 different locations. The comparisons are insane! Here are my results...


Fairly cheap and convenient, but you can see when compared with the original image, a Walgreens photo prints very overexposed.


A moderately priced online service, Shutterfly doesn't deliver the goods. Look how green the printed photo on the right is!


Zazzle is one of my favorite online printing services. You can print anything from poster sized images to pillows, shirts, business cards and invitations. While their color accuracy is slightly off for photos, they are my second choice overall.

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I'm not even a little bit of a fan of Snapfish. We printed our Christmas cards with them one year and I couldn't even get myself to send them out because the print quality was so terrible. The color accuracy isn't awful, but the images print extremely grainy.


Target, while one of my favorite places to shop, is definitely not on my list of favorite places to print photos. It's too bad too, because how convenient would it be to shop while you wait for your prints? Just look at how off everything about the picture on the right is...the color, exposure, overall quality. Blah.


Like Walgreens, CVS is similar in comparison. Pretty cheap and convenient, but again you can see when compared with the original image, a CVS photo prints overexposed and with magenta overtone.


I don't want to ever go into Walmart in general, but I certainly will not go in there to print photos. Once again, we have multiple components of this photo that are inaccurate...exposure, color, quality, etc.


So what's my number one choice for printing? Mpix by a long shot. Look at the two images below...see a difference? Me neither. That's because Mpix, who is also a part of the Mpix Pro and Miller's family, is known for their professional and superior print services.

Their prices are very fair considering the quality, and their turn around time is quite fast. You'll never have to worry about your prints getting damaged en route, because they take the utmost care in their packaging.

In addition to offering daily sales, Mpix also has a loyalty program to build points for free and discounted printed. Definitely make Mpix your next choice when printing your photos!

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Krea Hill
Krea Hill

This post is so helpful! Sometime I need a quick print and will use Target or Walgreens, but if I plan to place the photos in an album or hang in our house, I want a better quality. I definitely plan to switch to mpix! Thank you!


Victoria Fricke
Victoria Fricke

How many times have I asked you this question?

Tonya Cruser
Tonya Cruser

Doing an updated post! mpix sent me a coupon to offer!


Angie Harris
Angie Harris

This is great info!


Sarah Bozell
Sarah Bozell

I've always been told to use mpix anytime I get pics taken. It's nice to see all of them in one collage so you can really see how good they look.


This is great advice! I always seem to have trouble with finding the right printing company!

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