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The Top 3 places to visit in Indiana!

From a high school student's point of view

Indiana is all cornfields and highways. Or is it?

Contrary to popular belief, Indiana is not just cornfields! In the Hoosier state there are a lot of cool places to visit. From amazing nature to stunning cities, Indiana has a lot to offer! Here are my top three places to visit in Indiana!


If you're a boat person, you need to see Monroe Reservoir. Stretching an entire 103 miles long, Lake Monroe has many coves to visit. Moore's Creek is an amazing place to fish, while Allen's Creek, also know as Party Cove, is perfect for swimming!

If you’re worried about where you'll stay, Lake Monroe has that covered. Fourwinds Lakeside Inn and Marina is an amazing place to stay. Only a minute away from the Fairfax boat ramp, its perfect to hop onto the boat for the morning, and come back and have dinner at the Windjammer Grill. Monroe Reservoir has a lot to offer.


Find yourself in Indiana during the summer? Hop on over to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, as it's one of the best theme parks in Indiana! Holiday World, located in Santa Claus, Indiana, is a must see theme park! With attractions ranging from water rides to roller coasters, Holiday World has everything you could want.

They also have different sections that are themed around holiday, as well as their own unique areas like Splashin' Safari, and Holidog’s FunTown. Holiday World has something for everyone!


Do you like nature? Head on over to Brown County State Park, where there are twelve trails for any ability level! The Nature Center helps educate your family on what kind of animals they can expect to see!

What makes a day with the family better than being in nature? More than one day with family in nature! Book a campsite and have fun hiking those trails!

About the Content Creator: Sophie is a student at Columbus North High school. There she is a participant in the Sound And Spirit Of Columbus, where she plays in the drumline. In her free time, Sophie enjoys making crafts, reading books, practicing her instrument, watching movies, and playing with her cat Squid.

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1 Comment

melissa kaiser
melissa kaiser
Mar 05, 2023

A wonderful piece that shares some of the beauty and fun you can find in Indiana. 💗

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