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General Airport Tips for First-Time Flyers

Tips to Help your Travel Go Smoothly


Something that a large number of people forget about is getting the correct currency they need to use in their final destination. While a lot of places accept common currencies, typically USD, some places do not, so it is crucial that you carry the local currency and get a sufficient amount exchanged prior to your arrival.


Getting through airport security can take quite a bit of time in some situations. To avoid getting held back, make sure you leave anything sharp, liquid, and flammable in your check-in baggage. These items are not limited to just these three circumstances- check your airport’s security requirements and policies to make sure you only take things that you are allowed to take to make sure these items are not disposed of. Getting held up in security can be time consuming, exhilarating, and chaotic - something that you do not want to go through.


A helpful tip that can be super time-saving that many people don’t do is weighing your baggage at home. Your check-in baggage can only weigh up to a certain amount, which varies from airline to airline. These requirements can be found on their website along with any additional information. If you end up arriving at the baggage check-in and your baggage is over the allowed weight, it’s a nightmare trying to get the bag back to an appropriate weight in the location and time restraint.


Make sure to dress comfy for your travel. Dressing in an uncomfortable way during your travels will be an unnecessary bother for you that could have easily been prevented. Another important component to keep in mind is to dress or bring clothing according to the weather in your final destination. You may dress really lightly because your starting location is super warm, whereas your final destination could be a super cold place where you should dress warm.


Have something to do on the plane! It could get boring if sleeping isn’t your thing or if it isn’t super comfortable to you. International, longer flights normally have a screen to watch things located on the seat in front of you, however, most shorter flights don’t provide these. Your best bet is to bring something for yourself to do- read, watch, play games, talk to the person beside you, really just whatever you enjoy.


DON’T forget your documents. There’s really no way around forgetting your documents. The first thing you need to do is make sure you bring these items. It is crucial that you bring these for confirmation and identification purposes. There’s no way around it or substitutes. Make sure you check once, twice, then thrice to make sure you have everything.


Getting to the airport early is super important. It’s always better to be early than it is to be late. The risk of missing your flight and having to reschedule your flight is not worth the slight time rush. If you’re on an international flight, you can get there about three hours early to ensure you get through all the security checks in time and two hours if you’re traveling within the country.

Having flown in a flight over fifteen times, hopefully these travel tips that I have collected over the years are helpful to you to calmly and efficiently get through your first travel adventure! Comment below for any additional questions or comments you may have!

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