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How to Create a Young Fashionista's Dream Bedroom

Tips for the Most Stylish Decor

My daughter, Olivia, is six-going-on-sixteen. You know that delicate age between being Mommy's little girl and a teen. She's always seemed so much older than her age, and a lot of times her mood reflects that. She's "too old" for the Disney princess stuff now (as she says), but I also don't want to let my first born grow up too fast. She's constantly full of new ideas and independence, and had a lot of her own ideas when it was time to redecorate her room. So, I made sure she was involved in the design and decoration process.


The walls in this room have been painted the same color since we remodeled the house after moving in 9 years ago. And I'm never changing it lol! It's my absolute favorite color... somewhere between a steel gray and green. It worked for the room when it was a nursery, then a toddler room, and now a young girl's room.

We also wanted to include some more feminine colors, so we added blush pink, rose gold, lavender and cream to the color palette.


I love the idea of having furniture pieces that don't necessarily "match", but yet they all go together. A lot of the furniture in her previous room we were able to reuse for her new room. We also switched our girls' rooms, so that including trading some furniture between the two.

The chest of drawers we bought years ago from IKEA. The mirrored jewelry armoire, nightstand and accent table were Home Goods finds, and the horizontal book shelf was purchased at Target.

Olivia had been sleeping in a twin size day bed, so we were ready to give her an upgrade. I found the upholstered linen bed on Amazon, found HERE.


We found this really cool wall collage from At Home that included photos of the Eiffel Tower, flowers and other images that matched the color scheme and served as the inspiration for the room. There are a few other paintings in her room that also go along with the theme.

The large wall mirror was purchased at Hobby Lobby years ago. We also included wall hooks, because every young fashionista needs a place to hang her purses!

Olivia really wanted to have some stuffed animals in her room, but she wanted them to be pretty and not for she said. We found this rustic rope and wood hanging shelf from Hobby Lobby, and decided to fill it with these adorable dolls from Pottery Barn. They are part of the Monique Lhuillier Designer Doll Collection, and in my opinion, they are every young girl's dream! We added a few more from TJ Maxx, and her new shelf was fully stocked!


Once you've got the major pieces, the small details come next. We found anything that was girly, sparkly or went with the color scheme and added it to the room. This included picture frames, jewelry boxes and displays, flower arrangements and vases.

We including hanging plant holders, twinkle lights and a few extra details, and her room was complete!

I'm terrible about redecorating over and over again, so we'll see how long this design lasts! I'm pretty happy with it for now!

Are you currently redecorating a room? I'd love to hear how it goes! Don't forget to follow Urban Rhino on social media and subscribe to our website for more upcoming decorating tips and ideas!



Krea Hill
Krea Hill
Dec 12, 2020

We are actually redoing Kinley's bedroom right now! I love how this design works for her age and would be easily transformed into a "teen" room in a few years without completely redoing everything!


Victoria Fricke
Victoria Fricke
Dec 09, 2020

Or a 30 something's :) Either way- room looks wonderful!


That‘s cute, I’m participate in giveaway


Amy Dubois
Amy Dubois
Nov 13, 2020

Cute wouldve loved this when my daughter was a teen!!!

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